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What a Virtual Assistant Can Do For You Today

What a Virtual Assistant Can Do For You Today


Running a business is incredibly difficult. It takes time, money, and an incredible amount of effort. What if I told you that you could delegate out a select few tasks and dramatically improve your workflow? Today an Ottawa virtual assistant from Axim Centre promises to smooth out the logistical kinks that your company may be feeling.

A virtual assistant is someone on AXIM’s staff who offers administrative skills along with a high degree of professionalism and competence. These individuals often work from our offices with access to all of our resources.

Knowing what task to delegate out can be a tricky decision for first time virtual assistant users. Whether your business is well established and growing, or just starting up a virtual assistant can help you streamline your workflow. You can reduce the amount of time your employees need to dedicate to logistical tasks while refocusing their energy elsewhere.  It’s important to understand that a virtual assistant is just like all the members of your team. They are dedicated, loyal, and experienced, they just work remotely.

So, what can a virtual assistant do for you today?

Office Tables and Chairs1) Answering the Phone, Setting Up Meetings, and Booking Appointments

The most commonly used function of a virtual assistant is quite simple in practice; answering the phone.  While it sounds simple AXIM’s virtual assistants are trained to answer the phone professionally, take reservations/bookings, answer client’s questions, and much more.  Answering the phone is an incredibly time consuming task, and often business owners can be stuck on the phone for hours talking to clients.  Virtual assistants take that burden away, and provide a professional, friendly face/voice for your business.

2) Virtual Assistants are Trained In Bookkeeping

One task that a virtual assistant can complete is bookkeeping. Keeping track of invoices that are coming and going is one of the simplest, yet most time consuming tasks that goes on in an office. With so many online platforms for keeping track of a business’ finances, a virtual assistant can quickly and conveniently log on and keep things on track. With this task there is an element of trust involved, yet with so many companies moving towards increasingly transparent bookkeeping this no longer seems to be such a problem.

Apple Desk Computer3) Virtual Assistants Are Experienced Researchers

From researching potential business partners to new employees, and staying on top of the trends a virtual assistant can spend the time doing internet based research you only wish you could. Often times, an employer will give a virtual assistant a prescribed list of research tasks. For example, market research, competitor analysis, trend reports, business profiles, etc. Our highly qualified virtual assistants are pros and finding the information you need to make savvy business decisions.

4) Database Management and Entry

While not particularly difficult, database entries require attention to detail and a great deal of time, making it the perfect task for an Ottawa virtual assistant! Like most businesses your company needs to stay on top of a number of different databases. Quarterly sales and expenses, new and existing contact information for clients, colleagues, and vendors, and project management milestones and delivery dates. One of the most frequent database entries undertaken by a virtual assistant is importing the information acquired from the dozens of business cards you come across every day.

A virtual assistant with Axim Centre can, and will make your life easier. In addition to the tasks outlined above a virtual assistant can also:

  • manage your email,
  • answer and direct phone calls,
  • transform data into PowerPoint presentations,
  • complete holiday mail outs,
  • send thank you cards, and
  • schedule meetings and appointments

Virtual assistants offer endless benefits to your business. To learn more about Axim Centre’s qualified team of virtual assistants contact us today at 613-224-2946.

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